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Physical Water Conditioner

Physical Water Conditioner

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About the product

Geonsphere Water Conditioner is a water treatment system which is used as a salt-free and chemical-free alternative to water softening systems. Geonsphere Water Conditioner is transforming the way in which individuals, organisations, and the industrial sector solve issues with respect to hard water and lime scale deposits. 

The way that this device functions is by a procedure known as "electrolytic scale control," which modifies the physical structure of the minerals in the water to stop them from sticking to fixtures, appliances, and pipes. The physical water conditioner is a simple, environmentally responsible way to improve the quality of your water because it doesn't make use of salt or chemicals.

With less limescale buildup, surfaces and appliances are easier to clean and maintain, reducing the need for chemicals and saving you time and money. Whether you are looking to improve the longevity of your appliances or simply want to enjoy the benefits of cleaner tiles, utensils or laundry, this device is a great investment for your home.

Geonsphere Water Conditioner is recognized as the trustworthy supplier of a comprehensive assortment of Magnetic Water Conditioner. 

Directions to use

The conditioner works by applying an electromagnetic field to the water as it passes through a pipe. This field causes a change in the structure of the minerals in the water, such as calcium and magnesium, which are responsible for hard water.

The change in structure makes the minerals less likely to form the hard, scale-like deposits that can cause problems in pipes, appliances, and fixtures. Instead of forming hard deposits, the minerals stay suspended in the water and are carried away. This means that physical water conditioners do not remove minerals from the water, but rather change the way they behave.

Physical water conditioners typically consist of a coil that is wrapped around the outside of a pipe, with an electronic control unit that generates the electromagnetic field. The unit can be installed on the outside of the pipe without cutting into the pipe, making installation relatively simple and quick.


Water conditioners typically use a combination of 3 technologies to treat hard water:

  1. Electro Magnetic Technology: works on magnetic field & water molecules structure
  2. Turbulence Technology: works on pulse technology
  3. Electrical Pulse Technology: works on sweeping frequency.
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  • Residential Purpose

    Residential Water Conditioners are designed to treat hard water by removing minerals which can cause problems such as limescale buildup, reduced water flow in pipes and appliances and increased energy costs. Water conditioners can help in preventing these issues by reducing the concentration of minerals that cause hard water.


    1. Reduced limescale buildup
    2. Increased lifespan of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters/geysers, thus, reducing energy costs
    3. Cleaner dishes and laundry
    4. Improved skin and hair health
    5. Reduced need for cleaning products

    Overall, Water Conditioners can help homeowners save money, protect their appliances, and enjoy cleaner, healthier water in their homes.

  • Industrial/Commercial

    Industrial/Commercial Water Conditioners are designed to treat water on a larger scale than those used in residential settings. The Conditioners are used to treat hard water and remove minerals that can cause scaling and corrosion in industrial equipments and processes leading to reduction in overall productivity.


    1. Improved equipment lifespan reduces maintenance and replacement costs
    2. Increased efficiency
    3. Reduced equipment downtime
    4. Reduced energy and operating costs
    5. Decreased environmental impact due to undischarged brine water

    Overall, Water Conditioners help industrial and commercial businesses operate more efficiently, reduce costs and meet safety and quality standards.

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  • Removed Scaling Buildup

  • Better Skin and Hair Health

  • Cleaner Dishes

  • Increased Appliance Life

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Frequently asked questions

Where are Water Conditioners installed?

Geonsphere Water Conditioner is best fitted into the main line after the water meter or pump and before any teejunction or holding tanks. Any angle above earth will allow it to function.

Note: The conditioner should not be installed or tested at the pipeline's end. The best results are obtained when put adjacent to the pump, especially on the discharge side in order to avoid restricting the pump.

What is the difference between Water Conditioner and Water Softener?

While both water conditioners and water softeners are used to improve the quality of the water, they are significantly different.

  1. Water Conditioners are affordable with one-time investment. On the other hand, Water Softeners are expensive to purchase and maintain and require continuous regeneration.
  2. In terms of lifespan, you can expect 40+ years lifespan in Water Conditioners whereas Softeners have less than 5 years lifespan.
  3. Conditioners retain minerals whereas Softeners remove healthy minerals from water.

How long will a Conditioner last and do I have to replace anything?

When properly installed, the Water Conditioner has an unlimited life expectancy. It does not require any replacement or frequent maintenance.

Will Water Conditioner give me cleaner and softer clothes?

Yes. Smaller particles in conditioned water allow for easier passage of the clothing being washed. Water tends to penetrate more effectively to remove grease and debris. Larger particles can get stuck in detergent and the fibres of the clothes you are washing in untreated water, resulting in stains.