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Are you tired of scaling in your showers and taps? Are you tired of scaling in pipes or tanks in your company?

Look no further. Get a quote on our physical water conditioner which is better than any water softener.

Are you tired of hearing about alkaline and ionised hydrogenated water but finding it too expensive to buy?

Look no further. We sell the perfect piece, with BPA-free plastic and reusable bottles. No need to buy bottled water which gets thrown away after every use. Just buy the beads with infuser bottle from us and fill in water whenever you want.

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Our Services

  • Cleaner Laundry

  • Better Hair Growth

  • Reduced Scaling

  • Reduced Corrosion

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Physical Water Conditioning Services

Geonsphere Water Conditioner is transforming how individuals, organisations, and the industrial sector solve issues with respect to hard water and lime scale deposits.

Our Physical Water Conditioners are designed to improve the quality of water by removing impurities, minerals, and contaminants that can make hard water unfit for use. Our Water Conditioners can provide a range of benefits including reduced limescale buildup on cooling towers, heat exchangers for businesses and fixtures, utensils, laundry for homeowners; they can also lower energy costs by increasing the efficiency of appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers., and they can even promote better skin and hair health.

  • Removal Of Body Toxins

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Improved Bone Health

  • Improved Skin Health

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Alkaline | Vitamin C | Ionizer Services

Our Alkaline Water, Vitamin C Water and Ionizer Services aim at providing pure water while enhancing its taste and offering many benefits above regular drinking water. Our alkaline water products are made to be easy to use, giving our customers a portable way to enjoy alkaline water wherever they go, the vitamin C water is infused with vitamin C beads, a potent antioxidant that is crucial for overall health and wellness, and our ionizers are made to go above and beyond current health standards and be natural like nature.

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Customers Who Trust Us

  • "Drinking alkaline water has definitely helped me heaps. I drink a lot of coffee and alcohol and prior to buying the alkaline bottle, I felt somewhat acidic but now it feels smooth. I also bought the Vitamin C beads. Just 30 ml a day made a lot of difference. Really loved their product."

    - Mahesh Goyal, Customer

  • "I in general have better skin, as the water helps my ph levels. This stops my Rosacea completely. I also get hydrated quicker and find PH8 tastes far better than normal bottled water including the expensive brands, plus it's extremely affordable."

    - Reena Khanna, Customer

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