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About the product

Sunflower meal, derived from the oil extraction process of sunflower seeds, is enriched with a high level of methionine, offering valuable benefits for blending with other meals. In India, manufacturers of Sunflower Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (Sunflower DOC) employ specialized techniques to preserve its nutritional integrity. This nutrient-rich meal has the potential to emerge as a significant component in poultry feed in regions where extensive soybean cultivation is impractical.

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We excel as exporters of Sunflower Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (Sunflower DOC) in India. This protein source exhibits amino acid levels akin to soybean meal and surpasses those found in cottonseed or rapeseed meals. Sunflower Meal is widely accepted due to its palatability, boasting high nutritional value and abundant vitamin E. The incorporation of sunflower meals into broiler diets hinges on factors such as fiber content, lysine levels, and energy supplementation. Successfully substituting soybean meal in broiler diets is achievable, contingent on adequate lysine and energy supplementation in the diets.

Additional information

Sunflower meal is deemed safe for inclusion in cattle ration, with a recommended limit of up to 20%. The utilization of high-fiber sunflower cakes (undecorticated) is limited to adult ruminant feeding, while the decorticated variant serves as a easily digestible high-protein feed suitable for all livestock. Due to their hardness, it is advisable to grind the cakes for incorporation into compound cattle feeds.

As a versatile protein source for animals, sunflower meals can serve as the primary protein feed. This biologically and economically beneficial option is particularly valuable for cattle. In layer diets, Soybean Meal (SBM) can be used at 12% without compromising performance and egg quality parameters. Diets formulated based on digestible amino acids show improvements in eggshell percentage and egg-specific gravity. Geonsphere India stands out as a leading supplier and exporter of Sunflower Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles (Sunflower DOC) in India.

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  • 26% - 28%


  • 8% - 10%


  • 3% - 5%


  • 7% - 8%


  • 2900 kcal


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